Spidget Finners

The world of spidget finners (trivia) (fidget spinners)

How much money did the creator earn?

A : 69 Million B : 69 Billion C : idk ecks dee D : None lol

2. What were they made for besides being a meme?

A : People with conditions like autism, anxiety, etc B : For a specific illness C : Just being a meme D : It was made for the meme

3. Most expensive price?

A : $ 690 B : $ 69 C : $ 360 D : $ 460

4. Which pair of answers got beaten in search hits by spidget finners?

A : Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump B : dank memes, dank dreams C : lol, xd why D : Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton

5. What type of fidget spinners can catch on fire A : Dank meme types? B : Chargable C : I really don't know or care D : I see the next question # is 6(9) 6(9).

Do you think my trivias are reaching the max cringe level yet? A : naw fam B : maybe i dunno C : yes please stop it D : the answers from 1-3 spell DAD

Answer Key Below!!! 1D 2A 3D 4A 5B 6 do you really want to know?

By: Zayan Hossain 

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