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Spring Break

From March 15th to 24th, we will have Spring Break.


FSA Testing

On April 2nd, third through middle schoolers will have their first FSA test of the year. The ELA and or Writing tests will be on this day.

Assembly Dates

Middle school students will have their monthly assembly on April 4th and elementary students will have theirs on April 5th.


Must-Read Section

Our current must-read section of the month is the photography section. This section covers everything from our must-have filters, editing apps, ways to better your photography, secret photography and editing tips, and much more. 


15 Types of Aesthetics To Use On Your Insta

Every person has an aesthetic or color scheme they use in photography. There are so many different kind of aesthetics out there and every single aesthetic has one thing in common- they are totally insta-worthy. Here are our favorite aesthetics that we think you need to use for your photos. 

10 Editing Apps You Need To Start Using

Every photographer has a type of editing process, whether its simply adding a filter from Instagram to working from editing for two hours on Photoshop. This article finds the one made for you.

12 Cute Photo Poses Using Props

Majority of the time in photos we must have a cute pose and its usually without a prop. Props make your hands not look like they are just sitting there and could really change the photo depending on the prop you use. I’ve found the best props to hold for a photo that are probably laying around your house and look really stunning.

Newest Articles

Here are some articles the Galileo Global team suggests for you, articles we think any person, new reader to old readers must read from the Galileo Global website. Editors carefully select all articles in this section an everyone has a chance for their article to be featured here. This section is always being updated so check back often!

22 Things Everyone Loves About Winter

We all different aspects of winter we love, after all it is the most wonderful time of the year. From the bigger reasons to the smaller reasons to love Christmas, I’ve got covered them all. Here is a curated list of things everyone loves about winter.

20 Best Layered Outfits for Winter

One of the best fashion tips for fall and winter is to layer-it’s an essential fall and winter trick that will effortlessly transition your summer pieces into the colder months. Remember that graphic tee you’ve been obsessed it this summer, and your sad you have to put it away? With layering, you wouldn’t have to as long as you add a long-sleeved coat, cardigan, parka jacket, or whatever your heart desires. Layering is easy, and it’s a perfect way to mix and match your wardrobe.

35 Trendy, Free VSCO Editing Filters for a Better Aesthetic

All instagrammers need an aesthetic, some specific style they edit their photos to make their feed more organized and together. While you could pay $20 or under depending on the photo for one filter (I’ve shopped them, I know,) you could however use these much more diverse and trendy filters on VSCO that are pretty much dupes to real pricy filters.


This section writes aboy fashion trends, predictions, inspiration, opinions, fashion ideas, our favorite apparel, how to pull off apparel that is often ignored by most people, etc.


Writers Corner

The Writers Corner is a section where many types of texts are written by authors. They cover all types of genres, but they're preferred type is fiction. Check out super creative and original stories by our Galileo Writers here!



We cover everything from our must-have filters, editing apps, ways to better your photography, secret photography and editing tips, and much more.